Melissa blends intelligence with insight to help you see where your world is working well and where it could be better. Because people are naturally adaptive, we tend to adapt to whatever our situation is, losing perspective about the most essential elements that make our lives great. With a combination of personal insight and an understanding of meditation, Melissa does a great job helping to identify those areas which are out of balance, and a path to improvement. For me, my nutrition was a big problem, although I didn’t know it, and my stress levels contributed to all sorts of eating and sleeping challenges. Melissa helped me to get on a plan that keeps my life in a balance.
— Scott, CEO (ConnectUp)

Melissa is a great coach. She has grounded me in the use of Meditation and I now use it throughout my day. She brings a deep sense of balance to her classes and speaks from her heart. Her expertise and great fundamental knowledge of meditation was invaluable!

Awesome guided meditation hour … forgot to mention, my headache is gone!
— Scott, President (Peninsula Capital)

Melissa’s coaching program enabled me to reach deeper inside my consciousness and really see where I needed to better connect with myself and, in turn, with the people I love. Now armed with a combination of lifestyle and stress management along with coping skills, I am moving forward with more positivity and sensitivity in all my relationships – including with myself.

Melissa is a complete professional. She made me feel at ease and ready accept who I am and what I am capable of achieving. I definitely recommend working with Melissa if you want to have a happy, healthy relationship – with yourself and others!
— Jeff, Danville

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Just one evening of Melissa’s Coaching program made me feel ready to conquer the fears and commit to a positive higher self!

With a combination of nutrition, fitness and stress management her coaching program can be the difference we all need to succeed.

Melissa is so professional and made everyone feel at ease and ready to manifest they really want. If you want to Live In Gratitude, this is the perfect coach for you!
— Jane, San Carlos