We will begin your road to a whole body cleanse, a body, mind, spirit healing. 

There will be choices to do a beginner, intermediate or advanced cleanse on the retreat.



Fresh & Organic

Raw foods, plant foods, living foods, fruits, veggies, herbs, and foods with oxygen will be introduced.

You will be putting living organisms in your body, you will be paving a way for a new lifestyle.

Eating clean and eating rich living foods will help you to clean up your system, neutralize free radicals, oxygenate your blood, alkalize your blood, energize your cells, and rid your intestinal track of bacteria, mucus, viruses, parasites, and yeasts (Candida).  Your energy levels will shift to a much higher frequency and your physical strength will dramatically improve.


Kitchen open daily
7AM - 9PM

While at our retreats, we have an open kitchen for snacks, drinks, herbal teas and at mealtimes we offer some of the finest local cuisine available - freshly prepared by our talented chefs.