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PURE RETREAT - Tulum, Mexico
November 8-12, 2017

Life Coaching & Transformational Yoga Retreat:

PURE - Positive, Universal, Ritual, Elevated Emotions

Benefits of the PURE LUXURY RETREAT:
Extraordinary healing
So much FUN
Connection to self
Stress relief and tools to take back home with you for stress relief
A new feeling of empowerment
Decrease of body aches and pains
Time away from your normal routine
Community connection with new friends
Mystical experiences in meditation
A new feeling of lightness in the body
Weight loss, body fat loss
Slow down the aging process, you will look 10 years younger
The ability to finally process deep emotional wounds in a safe environment
Meeting new friends
Private chef for dinner meals

PURE RETREAT - Tulum, Mexico
February 7-11, 2018

Another opportunity to join us for a Life Coaching & Transformational Yoga Reteat:

PURE - Positive, Universal, Ritual, Elevated Emotion

Life Coaching

Are you Hearing the Call?

Daily Yoga Class 

Meditation Training Level 1 

Morning Journaling Routine 

Shamanic Astrology 

Group Adventure Day (Together) to the RUINS

Full Adventure Day -

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PURE RETREAT - Tulum, Mexico
June 2018 (Dates tbA)

Please join us for a transcendental physical and emotional journey to cleanse and restore the soul. Enjoy peaceful yoga and meditation, exquisite food and drinks prepared by local chefs and the chance to find yourself and your purpose while experiencing the WOW of the golden sands of Tulum's famous beaches and our spectacular retreat house.